1989 Volvo 760 Turbo - 80k miles - $7850 - Burlington, VT

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Here’s one of the nicest 700 series examples I’ve ever seen. Not only does it feature a spectacular color combo, there appears to be nary a blemish on it, inside or out. And unlike earlier 760s, which had the lackluster PRV V6, this one has the legendary turbo “redblock” inline four, which delivers decent performance (162 hp) combined with incredible longevity. With just 80k miles on the clock, it has plenty of life left. Another plus is the fact that in 1988 the sedans were upgraded from a live rear axle to a multi-link independent rear suspension, improving the ride and handling.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in northern Vermont for $7850, which is a lot for an old Volvo but chump change for such an extraordinarily nice car.

VIN: YV1GA8746K0068089

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I once had a neighbor who had one of these cars — not exactly sure what year or model. He had over 380,000 miles on it. He worked on it himself and claimed he would get another 300,000 miles on it. Unlike most, he considered a well- maintained car with very high mileage a “badge of honor.” I bet he still has it today.

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When cars like this come up for sale we should play a guessing game of where it’s from with only two options Vermont or Oregon.

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I remember these Volvos from my youth. They felt solid and were very comfortable. Their leather interiors has a very distinct smell which I like.

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