1989 Porsche 911 C4 - 32k miles - $35k - Pittsburgh, PA

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I don’t know much about 964s, but this could be a depreciation-proof introduction to classic 911 ownership. Or an easy way to make a few (or a lot of) bucks on Bring a Trailer.


Second owner is selling the car; first owner was responsible for all but 2,000 of the ridiculously low 32k miles. Seller claims no leaks or rust, and adds that “all rubber seals are in great shape and the car is kept in a climate-controlled environment.”


Too good to be true? Sure seems like it. But I’d definitely want to go verify that for myself if I lived in the area. Anyone have an idea of what this would go for on BaT?

Find it here on Craigslist — posted in the LA area but located in PA — for presumably a very limited time.


Great car. I haven’t driven anything but a 996, but it strikes me that a 964 would be close to the perfect blend of old- and new-school in a 911. Sure there’s the 993, but the 964 just seems a little more right with its slightly frumpier look. To me, the 911 shouldn’t be too sexy but rather more purposeful.

Anyway, it’s priced pretty close to Hagerty’s “average” for one of these. But I’d say this is closer to a #2 car (“excellent”), which they value at $47,500. Anything under $40k would be very well bought, I think.


Love the 964. But this does seem way too good to be true given that a nice, similarly low-miles (only 23k) 964 C2 sold on BaT for $80,500.

Granted, it was a generally more desirable (among enthusiasts) “C2” (rear-wheel drive versus the C4’s all-wheel drive), which recently had a $7k engine-out service and looks super mint. Still, given what I’ve seen 964s go for recently, this red C4 with just 32k miles seems like it’s priced at least $20 grand under what the guy could easily get if it is as described.

Also, a much more minor point is that the first 964, though introduced midway through the 1989 model year, is considered a 1990.

All that said, If I were in the market for a 964 I’d be checking this out in person.