1989 Pontiac Firebird Formula - 30k miles - $7800 - San Rafael, CA

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With Fox-Body Mustangs getting tons of attention lately (and prices going up as a result), this well-preserved F-Body Firebird in Formula trim looks like a great alternative, offering similar performance in a more distinctive package. This example is not the high-output version (which is quite a bit rarer) but still packs a reasonable punch with its 225 hp fuel-injected 5 liter V8. For anyone who wants a period cruiser for well under ten grand, this would be really tough to beat.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Bay Area for $7800.



We’ll look back someday in the future at these 3rd gen F-Body cars and curse ourselves for not buying one when they were still cheap. You’re 100% right about Fox body Mustangs rising sharply in value in the past year or two especially the Saleen models. 3rd gen Camaro, Firebird and Trans AM are likely to follow.

This one is mint! Great find.

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How has this not sold yet? I may have to go buy it…

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Indeed Stephen; I’m kinda kicking myself for selling my mint, 38k-mile (at time of sale) 1989 Trans Am with the 5.7 V8, WS6 and T-tops. Here’s the old ad I put on thirdgen.org:

But I’m still enjoying the 911 I replaced it with, so all is not lost.

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