1987 Subaru BRAT GL - 112k miles - $9500 - Tacoma, WA

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This incredibly well-preserved and final year (for the US) BRAT delivers a blast of 1980s nostalgia that would surely be a hit at any Radwood gathering.

Based upon the 2nd gen Leone wagon, the BRAT (which stands for Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter) offered small truck buyers the option of all-wheel drive, which was not available from competitors like Mazda and Toyota (at the time).

This example is quite unusual for its low miles, outstanding original condition, and of course distinctive red-accented blue paint.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Seattle area for $9500, which is a lot for an old Subie – but all things considered still pretty cheap for a great piece of 1980s memorabilia.

VIN: JF3AU53B8HE500485



What a find. It’s even got the sets in the bed!

$9,500 is a whole lot of dough though. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any domestic 80’s Japanese rides that sell for that much money.

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Agreed on the price. I did some sleuthing, and it looks like the car “sold” on eBay for $7995 on Oct 11:

I’m guessing that the winning bidder didn’t follow through, hence the craigslist ad posted a few days later. But 8 grand does feel like the top end for something like this.

Still, you never know what someone will pay for a nice piece of nostalgia. Just check out this first-gen Jetta turbodiesel that sold on BaT this past week for $17,000!

Also, funny story about those rear-facing jumpseats. Apparently they were installed so that the BRAT could be classified as a passenger car and not a truck, which kept it from triggering the so-called chicken tax (a 25% tariff on light trucks).

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Yikes! I’d rather pay $9,500 for that Subaru than $17k for the Jetta, but VWs are strange. Those 80’s vans go for big money too.

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Expensive it may be but that Brat is cleannnnn.

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And the color combo is supa dupa 80’s. Those red wheels remind me of an old lego set.

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Another BRAT popped up for sale on Bring a Trailer:

It’s been bid up to $5300 so far, with 5 days to go. I’ll be curious to see if it gets anywhere close to the $9500 ask of the craigslist listing, which is still up:



The first one is cooler, but BaT is nuts. I don’t watch it, but it seems every time something is on there is goes for crazy money.

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So… the BaT car sold for $14,500, making this one look like a steal at five grand less!




The primary buyers on that site have to be like drug dealers and children of Dubai royalty.

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