1987 Ford Thunderbird


I know this isn’t the turbo or the manual ---- but I love this car. I have owned a 1984 with the 6 cyl, auto and a 1986 with the turbo, manual .

I bought both these cars used many, many years ago. I ran them into the ground ---- did hardly any maintenance. I never had any significant issues. As a matter of fact, both vehicles managed to clock over 200,000 miles.

I bet I could get another 200,000 miles on this T-Bird …


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One of the best shapes to come out of Detroit in the era, and that’s got to be one of the nicest ones left!

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Does it come with all those hatpins?



According to seller —

Hi Peter

Absolutely all is include

It is only fitting that the awards, trophies et all should stay with the car.

I have pictures that I can keep for memory sake.

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