1986 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL - 51k miles - no reserve - Anaheim, CA

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This no reserve auction could a great opportunity to pick up a what looks like a very nice W126-series sedan on the cheap. The long-time Bay Area S-class is offered on eBay HERE by a dealership that offloads vehicles donated to charities, and its copied-and-pasted description sounds rather dreary, noting faded paint and “decent” seats.

However, the photos tell another story, showing factory paint with a deep, reflective shine, a near-immaculate interior, a spotless engine bay, plus nice-to-have original CA blue-and-yellow plates. Kind of what you would expect for a 51k mile example of the iconic 1980s executive saloon.

Of course, considering that the vehicle was donated, I would expect that some deferred maintenance awaits its next owner (such as the noted “faulty” battery).

Nevertheless, the remarkable appearance and low miles make this one to keep an eye on as the seller’s rather dour description may scare away some bidders and keep the price artificially low. If you could pick it up for less than $6000, it would be seriously well bought, I think.




Could be a great deal. Very clean and original car with few miles. I’m keeping my eye on this one.


The listing says you can check it out in person. Might be worth taking a peek before the auction ends tomorrow afternoon.


And it sold for $5293. I say very well bought!