1985 Toyota MR2 - 54k miles - $7000 - Burbank, CA

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This early Mister Two example with barely 50k miles looks like a ton of fun – which is about right considering it weighs in at just over 2200 lbs. Some may balk at the lack of a supercharger (which was offered starting the following model year), but I think 112 hp from the 16 valve inline four should be plenty to motivate a momentum car like this.

The car looks sharp in white with black trim. And if the exaggerated stance does not suit your taste, good news: the seller notes that the car comes on stock rims.

The exterior looks tidy, and so does the small glimpse of the interior shown in the listing. Assuming the rest of the car is as clean, then it seems like a reasonable buy at $7000, especially considering how few low-mile examples there are out there.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Los Angeles area.


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Oops – looks like it has now sold! Seller has removed the listing.



I’ve always wanted to drive an AW11 MR2. They’re probably pretty entertaining with such a low curb weight and mid engine layout.

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