1984 Mercedes-Benz 300D - 109k miles - $6500 - Boston, MA

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It’s tough to find nice W123 generation examples these days, especially ones which are reasonably priced. And you almost never see one in the Northeast, where winter road salt turns them into major rust buckets.

But this one appears to be the exception. It has relatively low miles, sports all original paint, and is reportedly in excellent mechanical shape, save a defunct cruise control. It’s also from one of the later years for the W123 and thus features some nice upgrades over earlier models, including a turbocharged OM617 inline five cylinder engine plus a less problematic HVAC system (compared to the Chrysler-sourced unit that proceeded it).

Offered on the MBCA site HERE by a private seller in the Boston area for a borderline cheap ask of $6500.

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