1983 Mercedes-Benz 240D - 84k miles - $8500 - Clearwater, FL

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If you have been looking for a clean W123 diesel, this 240D looks quite promising. As a final year (for the US) model, it has all of the various improvements made through the years, including a simpler HVAC system, better rustproofing, and a slight bump in power – though that’s still only 67 hp, so you won’t be winning any stoplight races. Once up to speed, though, these cars can hang with modern-day traffic and will easily maintain 70 mph on the freeway all day long.

This example appears to be all-original and looks sharp in Anthracite on Palomino. It sounds like a well-maintained car, too, with recent brakes and suspension bits plus working AC – not to mention a recent preservation award at the Mercedes-Benz Club of America’s annual gathering.

Offered on the MBCA’s site HERE by a private seller in the Clearwater area for $8500, which isn’t out of line for the condition and originality.