1981 AMC Eagle - 63k miles - $8500 - Denver, CO

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If you like to zig where most everyone else will zag, then this unusually nice and original AMC Eagle wagon might just be for you. It’s also an interesting bit of automotive history since these were some of the very first non-truck-based four-wheel-drive vehicles to hit the streets, predating the current crossover craze by 30+ years. Power comes from a big (4.2 liter) straight six mated to a 3-speed automatic gearbox, which should provide plenty of low-end grunt for your back road adventures. And it looks really cool in two-tone blue on red cloth upholstery.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Denver area for $8500, which is a lot for one of these but probably worth it for such a nice example.



I remember these well. As a kid, I always wished we had one of these growing up rather than our Hornet.

Interesting seeing one get well away from the midwest. The saying around here was that only AMC employees bought AMC cars. Jokes aside, standing out from the big three, AMC was easily the most progressive modern American auto manufacturer. They saw future trends and went with it. Small fuel-efficient cars in the '50s, SUVs in the '60s, Hatchbacks in the mid '70s, AWD cars in the early '80s.

Maybe they were too progressive and that’s what killed them, but AMC was always kind of quirky, and American auto consumers don’t buy quirky.

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