1980 CJ7 for $4000


I have owned a lot of these CJ’s. Love them!
I think this one has a lot of potential.

This jeep could inexpensively be made to stand out in a crowd next to new wranglers. I would sand the surface rust ---- and one doesn’t even have to be too fussy. I would spray paint it with rustoleum anodized bronze ---- yes, spray paint, and again no fuss involved. I would slap some 12.50x33 wheels and tires on it. Bingo ---- I have a “real” jeep, or as a dealer near me says, a “man’s jeep.”

Look at the engine compartment ---- everything reachable and so easy to replace. No worries about all the sensors and gadgets on newer vehicles. Literally, the CJ is the perfect backyard mechanic vehicle. Parts ---- new, used, refurbished ---- can be found everywhere. Jeep enthusiast and you tube support are plentiful.
If you carry some basic tools with you, you could almost breakdown on the road and replace the part on the side of the road…lol. Example, universal joint on my 1979 CJ5 popped out once ----- went over to autozone and replaced it alongside the road ---- and didn’t even have to jack the jeep up. Of course, having another person underneath with me helped.

In short, the CJ is a jeep to have a blast with. Whether one refurbishes it or runs it as a beater — the CJ will always stand out and make a statement. Park it next to a newer wrangler and the CJ is the one that will always get the attention.

Here’s a new wrangler

And here are some CJ’s

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The things I would be most concerned about are the frame and the body mounts ---- these tend to rust completely out. ALL other parts can be easily repaired or replaced ----- engines/ transmissions are all over the place. Every conceivable body panel is readily available, and with a little welding, easily installed.

Simplicity is the word ---- just look at the inside of this CJ7

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