1978 Mercedes-Benz 300CD - 111k miles - Santa Cruz, CA

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Nicely-kept W123 generation coupes are getting pretty hard to find. But, despite limited details in the listing (HERE), this one looks quite promising. It’s finished in a fetching period color – I’m guessing Thistle Green – and looks to be largely blemish-free, with straight panels, shiny trim, and sheepskins protecting the front seats.

It’s also something of a barn find, having been in storage for the last ten years, so it may take the next owner a bit of mechanical sorting to put it back into regular use. But if the body and interior are as good as they look, then it could be a fun and not-too-complex project.


I like the 123 coupes too. But what is it with these MB club people that provide hardly any information about the cars? Not even a price here? Let alone any other mechanical / electrical details.

That said, I love the color and every time I see one of these I think of the “Lawyers in Love” song/video by Jackson Browne…