1977 Volvo 242 DL - 89k miles - $5600 - Omaha, NE

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Instead of overpaying for THIS clean 240-series Volvo coupe on Bring a Trailer (which is already at $5000 and likely to approach $10,000 in the coming days)…

…consider this very similar car, offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in Omaha.

Okay, the Nebraska car has about 13k more miles than the BaT offering, and it hasn’t been detailed to the nines. However, it has the same powertrain, including the desirable 4-speed manual gearbox, not to mention a recent engine overhaul. And to my eye at least, it has the better color combo of pastel yellow on brown cloth. It doesn’t get any more 1970s than that.

Did I mention that it comes with a full set of VIrgo wheels in the trunk? That’s at least a $500 value.

I had a lime green 1976 242 DL in high school. It was a blast to drive and did pretty much anything I asked of it, including on one occasion slogging through 25 miles of severely muddy road in Wyoming that 4X4 trucks were having a hard time with.

These cars are tanks of the first order.


Wow, that’s a keeper. Think how fresh that thing will look with those wheels on it.

With the hipster roof rack on there you could drive to any bar on the west coast and you’d drink free IPAs all night.


Certainly seems like a great buy. Especially since the owner seems to have addressed the usual issues one confronts with an older low mileage vehicle — seals, gaskets, fluids, etc. in my opinion, cars just aren’t built to “sit” ---- they have to be used to keep everything working properly.


Well, it appears that I’m going to have to eat crow on this one because the Bring a Trailer car closed at just $5000, making it probably the best bargain I’ve ever seen there. The seller then posted several comments threatening to back out of the sale – but following up later to say that he was just “venting” and would still agree to the sale.

I still think the Omaha offering is a strong buy at $5600, but in this case the BaT car was the rare great deal.